Local combined heat and power plants in the changing energy system (KWK 4.0)

Due to the rising amount of renewable energies in the generation of electricity, new challenges arise concerning the grid stability as well as the efficient utilization of volatile sources such as solar and wind energy. In this context, the sector coupling plays a crucial role describing the conversion of electric energy into energy carrier used in transport and heat supply.

Within this project, combined heat and power plants are investigated essentially contributing to the integration of renewable energy as well as reduction of CO2 emissions.

The joint project focusses on the extension of the business model of combined heat and power plants with the aim of forming local and cellular supply grids. Based on two plants located in different areas of Germany, the developed synergetic approaches are validated. In this respect, the integration of Power-to-Methanol plants is also evaluated.

(Support Code: 03EE5031, Duration: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2022)

kwk 40 cellular energy system


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