Methanol plant Stralsund

Successful demonstration of conversion of wind power to methanol

BSE and the Institute for Renewable Energy Systems at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (IRES) were able to convert wind power into renewable methanol (bio methanol) for the first time. Operation of this technology under dynamic conditions will be confirmed during a long-term test over one year.

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Prestige Award Winner 2020

BSE has been awarded with FlexMethanol as Engineering Specialist

BSE won the Berlin & East Germany Prestige Award ( in the category Energineering Specialist of the Year 2020. FlexMethanol is the result of the successful development of a production process for methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen in flexible operation since 2014.

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KWK 4.0 - Local combined heat and power plants in the changing energy system

The joint project aims to make efficient use of the increasing share of renewable energies in the power supply for volatile sources such as solar and wind energy. The aim is to expand the business models for CHP plants and to create regional, cellular supply networks.

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methanol production, seminar ccu

Project Methanol Production and Seminar Carbon Capture and Utilization

BSE present at the IRRC Waste-to-Energy ( (Vienna) the most important get-together for thermal waste treatment plants, CO2-to-Methanol and organizes a CCU seminar.

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Workshop Small-Scale Methanol Plants

Workshop Small-Scale Methanol Plants

BSE holds Training Workshop Small Scale Methanol Plants at the 37th World Methanol Conference ( (Berlin).
In cooperation with IHS MARKIT and leading industrial suppliers we will provide advanced information about technical feasibility of methanol production plants in this technical workshop. Methanol is the basic chemical with the best added value potential for operators of power plants.

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Methanol, thermal waste treatment, Production, MVA, TBA

Flexibility Options of Thermal Waste Treatment Plants due to grid-dependent CO2-Utilization

New paths of added value for operators of thermal waste treatment plants by utilization of CO2. BSE has developed a holistic solution together with specialized partners to increase the carbon recycling quota, thereby creating synergies for long term site security.

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C³ Mobility - Climate Neutral Fuels for Future Transport

The joint project wants to develop and demonstrate new ways into the CO2-neutral mobility of the future. It refers to the funding announcement "Energy transition in transport: sector coupling through the use of power-based fuels" of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology from spring 2017. To this end, a comprehensive consortium of 28 partners has been formed from all areas covered in the announcement in order to adequately address the issues described in their entirety to edit. BSE supports the project through an associated partnership.

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Methanol Ethanol Plant

CO2-to-Methanol for Ethanol Plants

Meet BSE at the World Ethanol and Biofuels Conference ( (Brussels). There we discuss the subject of CO2-to-Methanol at Bioethanol Plants.

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Power Plants on limit

Power Plants on the Limit

BSE is speaker at the 50th Power Station Colloquium ( (Dresden). Together with operators we will highlight the subject of methanol at power plant locations with must-run-units and show added value potential due to production of methanol. The focus is on delivery obligations and technical flexibility based on system integration.

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Kraftwerke am Limit

MethaShip - Methanol in Ships

BSE supports the MetaShip initiative as an expert. The project with both Meyer Werft, Caterpillar, MAN and HELM AG investigates issues surrounding the maritime use of methanol in passenger ships. The results have now been published by the federal government.

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