By management systems we describe methods to set, steer, control and successfully achieve objectives. The attempt is done to measure the process.

BSE supports with the adoption, continuation of management systems according to:

  • DIN EN ISO 9000ff
  • DIN EN ISO 14000ff
  • DIN EN ISO 50000ff
  • ISO 55000ff

  • as internal counselor and auditor at the both fundamental different approaches:

    1. Establishment according to certified standards with defined minimum requirements to an effective managementsystem as well as continuing internal and external auditing
    2. Self-assessment of the own management system

    Beyond this optimisation of structures of communication, enhancement of customer satisfaction, standardisation, standards, documentation and others are desirable.

    By the establishment of introduced management systems can be referenced to quality standards as well as demonstrated highly regional and industry-sector-specific differences or unique propositions.

    management systems