CCU Workshop Methanol Plant

Flexibility Options of Thermal Waste Treatment Plants due to grid-dependent CO2-Utilization

Successful workshop on the occasion of the IRRC

BSE introduced CO2-to-methanol for waste incineration plants at the IRRC Waste-to-Energy ( (Vienna), the industry meeting for waste incinerator plants, and organized a Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) seminar on the closing day. With special thanks to the speakers, we succeeded in presenting the following content:

  • CO2 Value Europe reported on the status of the CCU and the latest regulatory developments in this area at European level. We have seen many opportunities for support from the association, such as the Innovation Fund.
  • The Nova Institute has given us an overview of CCU technologies, identifying CO2-to-methanol as an effective method for the waste incineration industry and opportunities to improve the circular economy.
  • McPhy has presented the industrial utilization of self-generated power of waste incineration plants to prepare methanol production from hydrogen namely with alkaline electrolysers. Especially the industrial manufacturing that has been building up reduces costs.
  • Aker Solutions has talked about industrial amine scrubbing for CO2 capture and presented two videos on the modular Just Catch Unit, of which one unit with capacity of 100,000 TPA was recently sold to the Twence (NL) incinerator.
  • bse Engineering Leipzig has explained the details of methanol production from electricity and CO2, in particular the special requirements of BASF's flexible operation catalyst to maximize revenues from the electricity market and methanol production. Further the integration of the units was brought to the very interested audience learning how to earn money with Carbon Capture from the flue gas.
  • As a surprise guest and replacement for the plant manager of the private Waste incinerator in Frederikstad Kvitebjørn Bio-El, Franz Winter (Vienna University of Technology) reported. His topic were the results of his carbon capture project, whose plant is now being sold to Shell.

In addition, everyone had the opportunity to network through the 3-day event. From the discussions, we would like to emphasize, all participants see the growing need for the sustainable use of material and energy flows in the fulfilment of the waste disposal obligation. Here we succeeded with various operators to combine individual aspects from a material, technical, technological, commercial and regulatory point of view according to the respective country into a complete picture with a business case.

CCU Workshop IRRC Wien

Bild: In advance of the Seminar Day the global IRRC Waste-to-Energy Conference took place with a presentation of Christian Schweitzer, bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH; © BSE

CCU Workshop IRRC Wien

Picture: CCU Seminar for the Waste Incineration Industry, Moderation Mr. Markus Gleis (Federal Environmental Agency); © BSE

Special thanks goes to the host of the IRRC Waste-to-Energy the Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag GmbH.