Prestige Award Winner - Engineering Specialist 2020

Prestige Award Winner 2020 Methanol Engineering Specialist

bse engineering has been awarded with FlexMethanol as Engineering Specialist by CorporateLiveWire

BSE won the Berlin & East Germany Prestige Award ( in the category Energineering Specialist of the Year 2020. FlexMethanol is the result of the successful development of a production process for methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen in flexible operation since 2014.

The market for small-scale and pre-assembled methanol plants is new. However, various industries have to face the challenges of alternative solutions. This applies to the power sector, the waste disposal industry and all plants subject to the emissions trading system.

Prestige Award Winner 2020

Due to the technical requirements of the power market, renewable energies from volatile generation can be used in other sectors if possible, and due to the legal developments this market will grow strongly in the coming years. The German Bundestag estimated the capacity of such plants at 15 to 45 gigawatts. With FlexMethanol, plants in the size of 10 to 100 MW are provided. Methanol is traded as a global commodity with increasing demand, with Europe's annual direct import amounting to 5 million tonnes. The build-up of power-based methanol capacities by 2030 is intended for the transport sector. The use of methanol as a synthetic fuel represents a bridging technology, the capacities of which are to be increasingly used for green chemistry in the future (build-up 2030 - 2050). In the context of reindustrialization and security of supply with energy and raw materials in Europe, FlexMethanol can secure this demand through the planned plants.

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